April 10, 2013

the creeps

 plaid skirt - flea market
creepers - ebay
top - h&m
sunnies - ebay
eyeball cross necklace - ebay

While eating spaghetti in candle light with my friends (looking more like undead junkies fillin' up than the romantic scene it sounds like lol) I was happy but also got really scared and now I hear all my anxiety and loneliness creeping up on me. Hoping they will not catch up I put on my creepers and try to creep away from 'em. Fingers crossed that this escape is a success..

Love, Nina


  1. AAw ku sie oot sulone :3 mite joku voi olla noi nätti :0
    btw ku nään siut ain välil koulussa ni saako tulla moikkaa

    1. voi höpsispöpsis^^
      ja tottakai saa tulla!:33