December 25, 2012


Aka my christmas eve via iphone:

 1. This year we made a gingerbread carousel instead of the usual house and I totally fancy the poop outta it!!<3 2. Chrismas telly traditions<3 3. My cat Myrkur being all grumpy 'cause we forbid him from eating the wrappings off our presents under the xmas tree 8---DD 4. Me being all grumpy 'cause hungry and no food on my plate yet:((

 5. Problem solved as the table started filling up with all this delicious fattening crap goodness 6. Some deceptive pink stuff that looked all pretty and yum but tasted gross ugh.. 7. MMM CARBS<3 8. Oh yeah this is the shit *drool*

 9. Family<3 10. Happy! 11. Cheese<33 12. ???

13. My gift pile! 14. After unwrapping! If anyone's interested I can tell you I got two books (the curious incident of the dog in the night-time and wreck this journal), a movie (princess mononoke), cute lingerie and nightwear, mermaidy sequin knit, the cutest wool socks ever made by my mom (those pink and blue ones on the pic<33), pink glittery make-up bag, xmas mug, plush toy moose, ps1, pink satin duvet covers, tangle teezer, chanel chance eau tendre fragrance, glitter nailpolish, chocolate, slippers andddd I'm probably forgetting something but anyways I love everything I got and I'm super grateful<33 15. Me and my sisters also got operation so had to give it a go ofc. Love this game! (and I'm thinking it will make a great drinking game too xDD) 16. I'm either yawning or going to throw up from all the treats idk.. But I do know that it's time for me to go zzzzz

So good night and have the sweetest xmas you all!<3

Love, Nina


  1. Piparitalo on ylisöpöys<3

  2. piparitalo on ihanin! Onko sulla joku rakkenusphjapiirros vai teitkö ihan vapaalla kädellä?

    1. Piirsin itse kyllä pohjapiirrokset mutta koska palat ei paistunut ollenkaan tasareunaisiksi meni suunnitelma kyllä aika pipariksi8DD mutta kyllä siis jonki verran piti laskelmoida ja suunnitella että kaikki osu edes suht kohdalleen:3