November 14, 2012

pink mthrfckr

Updated my hair a bit! Tho the extensions turned out not suitable for me so just gonna wear 'em til the end of the week.. Kinda like a temporary bday hair (I turn 21 this saturday, woopwoop!). Next time I drool over having (fake) long hair, please someone smack my buns and tell me "NO!". I so often seem to be blinded by my lusts and totally forget the reality. Which is I am a WAY too carefree and comfort seeking puppy to have this life limiting stuff attached to me 8----)

Btw I love my shoes freakishly much. They are so lumpin' awesome!!

Love, Nina


  1. cutiepie<3 you're lumpin' awesome yourself!

  2. i know its really suprising, but i fuking love your hair :3

  3. ihana turkki ja olit kivakiva eilen! :--)

    1. kiittikiitti ja samoin sinäkin kivaliini!:3

  4. I love those pics! U are looking so good! And omg i lOve love love my little pony!!!