August 9, 2012

hair plans

I want to do so many things with my hair like right now but it seems I only got one head and all is not to be done at once. Thought I'd share a few inspiration photos of hair I'm gonna try achieving during fall and winter. (Probably end up trying all during next month cuz you know like I said, CAN'T WAIT mthrfckr!!xb)
all pictures in collages are from

Wanted a crazy mylittlepony tail hair and actually coloured them so earlier today!! They are now very strong pink with purple/violet ends. Really like them! And they'll be on their best after a few more washes as they fade a little. A bit less "shocking" and bright and a bit more like pastel and cute. Might post a picture or two of 'em tomorrow.:3

After this current colour gets totally worn out I'm going to try this natural blonde hair with black dip dye as seen on Drew Barrymore! oh, can't wait can't waiiiiiittt!!

And the next hair project will be these beautiful green/blue cyan locks inspired by Officer Jenny from Pokémon!<3

And after that.. who knows!

Love, Nina


  1. Sounds promising, can't wait, luv!<3

    1. I can tell you they are craaazyyyyy!!!

  2. can't wait to see your hair!!1