June 20, 2012


There was evil in my apartment and my cat was missing. I was out of breath and terrified. Someone had just been there with me but I couldn't remember anymore. I just remembered a distorted head that was kinda faceless but then again it had a face. And the faceless face scared me a lot and I was dead afraid I'd see it again. I grabbed my two biggest pillows and my ballet pumps and ran to the staircase almost passing out from fear and shortness of breath. I kept running but with the corner of my eye I saw three figures standing against the hallway wall. They freaked me out so bad I fell. Fell right into my bed and woke up. Quickly started watching pokemon and tried to shake out of it. I hate nightmares. The ambiance of that one just made me feel uneasy for the rest of the day.

Love, Nina


  1. Voi Nina-raasu :(( Ainakin sait hienon gifin tehtyy!

    1. no hieno ja hieno...:DD mut kauhutunnelmissa piti räpeltää hoho