May 20, 2012

hoi sie

Yesterday we visited this relatively new gallery/café/hipsterhangout HOI SIE. They made and served falafel outdoors and we could not keep our hungry noses away. I liked the place but my fun having was shaded because shoes were not allowed inside the place and I was afraid my feet might stink like sock juice and everyone would notice!! And also 'cause of the embarrassing fact that I had to ride there and back with my old scooter.. Otherwise it might not be so horrid but my driver's skills.. oh my.. I only managed to squish one flowerbed this time, tho! so nooo biggie!8----)

Love, Nina


  1. Hello, Where is this Hoise place, can you tell? Seems so cool. Is it in Helsinki or elsewhere? I just found your blog by chance and liked it already :) Will definitely check out often

    1. hoi sie is in lappeenranta, south karelia. and thanks, supernice to hear:3