February 15, 2012

bonne saint valentin

Here's what my valentine's day looked like. :} Went to the supermarket in the morning to get pretty roses, pink candles and sushi. For dessert I enjoyed a mazarine pastry my mom had made me, yum! She also gave me that super lovely breakfast at tiffany's box! She's the best<3 Then I painted my nails pink and strolled into a nearby café to get a cup of latte with a few friends. They had super delicious raspberry macarons I just couldn't resist! Haha, why is most of my valentine's day concentrated on theme appropriate food?:--D Can't answer that but gorging continued later that night when me and my boyfriend ate an enormous pizza and chocolates while watching movies.

So no complains about my valentine's day, it was certainly love filled and romantic, a nice change to my usual mood these days.. How did all of yours love day go? Got kissed?;3

Love, Nina