December 29, 2011

I must have been a super duper good girl

since I got all these awesome presents! thank you loves<3

1. From my youngest sister I got these silver winter boots I so much wanted. They're actually from H&M kids department but they fit in my feet just fine and I think they are so pretty and bring a cute sparkle to an outfit!
2. More sparkling! These glitter ballerinas are from my other sister.
3. Wine glasses.
4. My friend gave me my favorite book Deborah Spungen's Nancy! I also got One Day by David Nicholls.

5. New lens.
6. Lingerie and nightwear.
7. Giftcards. Got one to the beauty shop Kicks, one to a massage, one that says my mom will take me to Helsinki for a shopping spree and one to H&M from my boyfriend.
8. A fur hat from my sister and TIGI hair products.

9. Pretty tea jar, a matryoshka doll box and a cute seashell shaped porslin cup that I'm gonna put my keys, lighters, coins and stuff into since now it's all just lying all over my hall shelf.
10. Warm and comfy dalmatian all in one thing. When I wear it I feel like a carefree little baby in her cosy romper<3
11. Nail polish also from my youngest sister. The colour doesn't really show in the picture but it's this cool dark velvet that reflects many different shades.
12. Treats! My favourite chocolates (you know the ones shaped like sea horses shellfish etc.), other chocolate candies, pistachios and my fav tea atm! It has all great flavours like cinnamon and black pepper in it, yum! This is the kinda tea you make chai latte from I think. At least I make it from this and it tastes lovely:33

13. I tried to find cute new pencils but they were all ugly or boring. Then I saw the ones in this hello kitty package and thought I must get them! And I did, the whole thing:D Also good guality water-soluble pencil crayons that I had craved.
14. cute and colourful woolen stockings to warm my always so cold feet
15. I absolutely l o v e games! Board games, computer games, video games, you name it! Every year we get a new board game we play togeather all the time for the next few days. This year we got Dixit and I really recommend it to all players with imagination out there;3 And yeah as a huge game addict I'm ofc totally hooked to angry birds but I get super frustrated playing with my iPhone with my chubby fingers so I was super happy when my boyfriend gave me this AB game for pc<3

Ok, so those were my lovely christmas presents, what did you all get?:3

Love, Nina


  1. I love these boots from H&M!

  2. the way you took the pictures-it's magic.

  3. I guess so! For your new years resolution don't change anything! Whatever you are doing is working quite well!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  4. Kira, oh hardly.. but thanks:3

    Jessa Belle, obviously it's working yeah, but one can always improve;3