July 17, 2011

alive, almost..

I'm so sorry it's been so quiet here, but I've had a totally shitty week and I hadn't had strenght to do anything else than play the sims 3 and try not to cry.. Even though I'm still feeling a bit blue, maby even more so because yesterdays clubbing night was a disaster, I'm gonna force myself to do something and share my yesterdays outfit. Well I did change for the club but almost all day this is what I wore:

 Denim shirt (shoulders ripped open by me) from H&M

Now I promise to you, dear readers, I will try my hardest to be active here no matter how I feel but don't abandon me if I fail a little. As annoying it is, you can't help your feelings and I happen to be the oversensitive every-little-feeling-feels-100000000times-worse-than-on-a-normal-person -girl.. :( What happens tomorrow will pretty much make or totally break me so, let's hope for the best!

Hey maybe you can throw me with some ideas of what kind of posts you would like me to make? So whatever happens with my moods, at least I have something to do and not just sit and stare at walls and wallow in all the misery!! Bye now!

Love, Nina


  1. omg what has happened? i´m getting kind of worried :o ?

  2. oh don't worry, nothing bad has happened to anyone, well except for me but it's only my heart hurting

  3. mistä nuo sukkahousut on? (:

  4. ne on hennesiltä, sellanen kahen pakkaus missä on noi ja sit jotku toisenlaisetki en muista millaset koska halusin vaa noi heitin ne toiset nurkkaa:D