May 28, 2011

nettle crepes

Oh, I'm sooo sorry I havn't posted for a while, but I have been taking care of my sick boyfriend. He got some really bad stomach flue on sunday and it lasted until yesterday. And I have this annoying thing, that everytime some close person gets sick I start getting the same symptoms even though I don't really have the bug myself. My mom has the same thing, we call it empathy sickness:D I've been feeling nauseated all week. Actually that wasn't true, everytime I did something that took my mind away from my throwing up boyfriend I felt just fine.. I have a serious hypochondria!:DD

Well anyway, today we made nettle crepes (picked the nettles ourselves! I got burned a few times even though I wore gloves:(( ) with my sister and here's some picture evidence of the matter.

Nettle crepes, strawberry jam, whipped cream and mom's homemade macarons. Seriously delicious!!

Have a good weekend you all! I will get back to you tomorrow:3

Love, Nina

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